This page charts the correspondence from this site with politicians, agencies and other bodies. Letters went out to all relevant agencies on April 2nd 2018, giving schools about 6 months to register their school on the site. Here is a summary of responses

  • Minister of Education and Skills – Acknowledgement April 2018
  • CPSMA – No acknowledgement
  • General Synod Board of Education (Church of Ireland) – No acknowledgement
  • Dublin Talmud Torah – Acknowledgement April 2018 with note to say that it will be passed to the Board of Management of their school. Update: only school refused to co-operate due to “security reasons”
  • Muslim Primary Education Board – No acknowledgement
  • IPPN – Acknowledgement April 2018. Published an article in their Leadership Magazine.
  • INTO – No acknowledgement
  • NPC – Refused to co-operate. Correspondence noted that parents should contact all the principals of schools in their area for information (May 2018).
  • Minister John Halligan – Referred to Minister for Education and Skills (May 2018)

You can contact the website if you wish with the understanding that any correspondence may be published on the website.