Can a Parents’ Association meeting start with a prayer?

This might be you. You’re not raising your kid with a religion but you’re the only parent who has opted him out of religion. All the other parents don’t really seem to believe in any of it but they just go along with things so their little one doesn’t feel left out. The school is […]

Does a school have to contact you if they are going to church?

While you are legally allowed to opt your child out of religion classes, does this right extend to anything outside of the 30 minute religion class every day? What if the school are going to the church for a visit or for a service? Does the school have to contact you to let you know? […]

What does the enacted Admissions Bill mean for Catholic primary schools?

The Admissions Bill (2018) was paused last year by the Minister for Education stating workload for schools the reason for not fully enacting the Bill, which supposedly ended the so-called Baptism Barrier in primary schools. While still a very fraught and flawed Bill, which still allows schools to discriminate on the basis of gender and […]

Is it ok for a school to ask for your religion?

Before the Admissions Bill came into practice, all denominational schools were allowed to prioritise enrollment applications from families of the same religious belief as their school’s patron. Put simple, Catholic schools could prioritise Catholic children over non-Catholic children. In order for schools to be able to do this, they would ask for a Baptismal Certificate […]