Different Competitions, Same Results?

The INTO LGBT+ Group is one of the notable success stories in primary education when it comes to issues of equality. When I became a teacher about 20 years ago, the group was anonymous. At that point, legally, a denominational school could discipline a teacher from the LGBT+ community for undermining its ethos. However, the […]

Balance in Sex Education

The focus on Relationships and Sexual Education in schools has been heightened by calls for removing the influence of the ethos in its teaching. This is coupled with the focus on the referendum on May 25th, where abortion is being discussed in many schools, (albeit mainly secondary schools.) Because the Catholic church is very much […]

School Ethos and RSE

The Irish Independent covered the topic of Relationships and Sexual Education and the effect of the ethos of a school on its delivery. With over 90% of schools having to follow a Catholic programme, topics such as contraception, same-sex relationships, sex outside of marriage, etc. cannot be covered. Moreover, a number of secular schools are […]