There’s a lot of talk about Relationships and Sexuality Education in the news. As anyone who sends their child to a Catholic school knows, teachers are not allowed to teach children the full RSE curriculum. They cannot teach children about same sex relationships or contraception or anything else that goes against Catholic Church teachings. But why?

Well, almost. In fact, it’s the Irish Catholic Bishops Conference who decide on what is allowed to be taught in terms of RSE in Irish Catholic schools. They released a document called: Guidelines on Relationships and Sexuality Education, which is well worth a look. However to answer the question in the title, turn to page 8 where it clearly outlines that sex shall only take place between a man and a woman in a marriage.

According to the document:

The teacher will not attempt to build respect for the views of others
on the false and fragile base of thinking that it does not much matter
what one’s view is, so long as it is sincere.

So now you know.

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