Your kid is the only one opted out in 2nd class. The rest of the class are talking about how wonderful it will be to be united in a special way with Jesus Christ, sharing in the body and blood of Christ the Saviour. In reality, most of them will be talking about how much money they’re going to get, what kind of bouncy castle they’ll have and going on and on about the dress they’ll be wearing. This is because most Irish people really don’t care about the religious side of the Communion and treat it like a big party.

It’s beyond frustrating because you know most of the families do this and just because you are taking a stand or simply don’t believe in a god or maybe you were raised in a different belief system that you and your child are almost treated, at worst, as pariahs, or at best with sympathy.

Yup, your child after spending 3 and half years sitting at the back of the classroom colouring then gets to see all of his mates getting lavished with bouncy castles and cold hard cash. So, what do you do?

Well, you probably try and make it up to them by trying to make them have an even better experience than their classmates. Here are some of the things I have heard parents do for their kids who aren’t making Communion.

  1. Bring them to Disneyland / Harry Potter World / Lego Land

What better way to arm your opted out kid? “So, you’re making your Communion? That’s nice. Oh, me, I’m just going to DISNEYLAND!”

2. Have a Humanist Alternative

Possibly not as rockstar but probably good for those who feel they do something to mark the day that you aren’t going to do, there are a couple of options of humanist ceremonies for a coming of age celebration.

3. Give them Money and a Bouncy Castle

If you can’t beat ’em…

4. Or my personal favourite…

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