In April, Opting Out was born with the intention of giving primary schools the opportunity to demonstrate how they accommodate pupils and teachers from minority and non-faith backgrounds. Out of 3,115 primary schools in Ireland, 2,996 of them are run with a denominational ethos.

The aim of the first phase was to give 6 months to the various management bodies to inform schools about and make them aware of this opportunity. wrote to the following agencies and received the following responses:

Of the denominational management bodies and patron bodies, only the Jewish patron body gave a response. There was no response from the other bodies.

Of the bodies that do not have a denominational preference, the INTO, which represents almost all primary teachers did not respond to the requests; and the National Parents’ Council, which represents the parents’ of all pupils, refused to co-operate. The Irish Primary Principals’ were the only body that agreed to support this project in any way. An article about appeared in their September 2018 newsletter, which was sent out to the vast majority of principals and deputy principals. The following is a graphic outline of the responses. For the record 16 primary schools have signed up to the site and are now complying with the Schools’ Admissions Bill in how they accommodate pupils from minority backgrounds.

The next plan will be to directly contact schools over the coming months and analyse how many of them will sign up. This will ensure that no school will be able to say that they have not heard of

We will give a new deadline for schools – mid-February 2019, which is just over 3 and a half months.

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